Strolling like a big baby

Things are changing around here: I used to be a little baby, who would get into the car seat, then on top of the stroller. Now I am big enough to avoid the middle device and get directly into the stroller. My first stroll in these conditions (we went around the pond) was a complete success, celebrated even by the water fountains, which were happily throwing water up in the air.

Hi daddy! Smiling What's in here? Now that was so funny... ... that it made me clap
Hi again! This is so exciting... ... that I have to hit the tray Outch... that hurt A smile instead of good bye

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Long eyelashes

People who do not believe that I have long eyelashes, can convince themselves by looking at the first picture. Daddy worked hard to get the eyelashes in a good light and in focus. The second picture does not show my eyelashes, but it does show my smile after a good meal. At this age I only smile while I sleep, so you can bet I fell asleep pretty fast after I finished eating.

My long eyelashes Smiling after a good meal

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My first photo session

The last few days were terrible for everybody. My parents are really tired because they keep waking up to feed me. They are not sure what I want / need, even though I don’t need much (food, sleep, diaper change) and I try to make it as clear as possible every time. They clearly need to work on their communication skills. After things settled somehow, my daddy found the opportunity to take a few pictures of me in natural light. A photo session is definitely better if the flash doesn’t keep shining into your eyes.

As you can see from the pictures below, I sleep quite a bit and I don’t really care if I sleep in somebody’s arms or in my basket. But I do a few more things besides eating, pooping and sleeping. My daddy got a few pictures of me trying to grab my fingers with my lips, smiling and daydreaming.

Sleeping in buni's arms Sleeping in my basket Using my lips to grab my fingers A little smile for a sweet dream Preoccupied by what future can bring

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