Taking care of Teddy

Now that I am learning how to do different things, I can use my expertize to take care of my toys. The pictures below show how I take care of my Teddy on four different levels:

  1. Basic care: I make sure that he is well-dressed for the activities I involve him in.
  2. Entertainment: He must enjoy being carried around the house.
  3. Food and drinks: Teddy is not himself if he gets too hungry or too thirsty.
  4. Sentimental: I hug Teddy very often, so he knows that I love him.

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I say “done”

Scooping the food was out of the scope of the first tutorial on how to use a spoon. Well, it’s time to fill in that gap and show you that scooping the food is not that difficult after all (see the first three pictures below). I’ve been practicing for quite a while now and I think I got it. Including the delivery of food (in this case egg with avocado) to the mouth, which also took an interesting turn of the spoon. I was literally turning the spoon upside down before putting it into my mouth and my bib used to collect a lot of the food that was not sticking to the spoon.

I also noticed that my parents fulfill my orders while I am eating. I can request cheese or – as shown in the fourth picture – something to drink. Needless to say that I got water within seconds. There is something else I learned in the last few days. When full after a good meal, I used to become a little impatient and refused to eat anymore. In these conditions my parents would ask me “Are you done?”, so I figured that I can tell them myself “Done” when I was done eating. While saying “Done” I also push the tray away from me to signal that I want out of the high-chair (see the fifth picture).

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How to use a spoon

After observing and practicing for a while now, I am happy to report that I am ready to use a spoon. The pictures below show some of the basic steps needed for effective spoon use. Those paying (too much) attention to details may notice that my attempt to scoop food with the spoon was quite unsuccessful. Consequently, I cannot claim that I actually ate something in the process. However, eating something was beyond the scope of this experiment. Here I only demonstrate that I can handle the basic operation of the spoon. I envision scooping the food as future work that will require some more practice.

After you stuff your face... ... you quickly estimate your efficiency, ... ... then go for some more food, ... ... make sure you didn't scoop too much, ... ... and stuff your face again.

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