Organizing a drawer

While taking a tour of the master bedroom, I opened a drawer to check out what’s inside. I didn’t really like how it was organized, so I got to work right away. I took everything out piece by piece, placing each item carefully in a pile on the floor. I have extensive experience with this kind of activity – see for example how I check out books from my library. I declared myself satisfied with the way everything was organized only after the drawer was empty. All this work got me a little tired, so I sat down meditating about the implications of the string theory.

Opening the drawer This should come out of the drawer This should come out of the drawer, too Pretty much everything has to come out of the drawer There's still some stuff left in the drawer
Testing the string theory

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Getting up

You have probably seen me standing here or here. My parents were terrified by the idea that my new degree of freedom might result in me falling and hurting myself. Every time I would try to get up, somebody would be around me to dampen a foreseeable fall (mostly to protect my head). But after I got better at pulling myself up, they also relaxed and stopped religiously following me around the room. They even managed to document my new skill in this set of pictures.

I heard the call On the move I am not hiding I will stand in no time I found a toy on my way here

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Standing up

Standing comes so easy now that I train a lot for it. For example, during the day I hang onto furniture or people and I get myself in a standing position. I get the best exercise when I refuse to sleep and keep standing up in my crib. My parents keep picking me up and laying me on my back – sometimes it feels like they are playing with me. But I get back on my feet in no time and I can go like this forever (ok, not forever, but once I kept mommy busy for an hour).

So, it should not come as a surprise that I get on my feet when I wake up in the morning. The first two pictures below show how my parents found me this morning. The blankets that cover the rails play two important roles: (1) they protect me in case I lose my balance and fall and (2) they protect the rails from my teeth (check out the third picture to see how I chew them).

This is how I greet my parents in the morning Oh, yeah, baby I am standing I am a little rabbit

After I ate and played a little, everybody got in the car to go to Walla-Walla (this is a city about one hour away from Richland). I slept pretty well in the car and I got up only after we got there. Besides the fact that we got there for the Sweet Onion Festival, we went to a bakery, a couple of pastry shops, a kitchen supply store, and a restaurant. Even though my parents’ friends are quite old, they are cool because they pay a lot of attention to me. We left right at the time when a thunderstorm was moving into Walla-Walla.

Trying on my mommy's sunglasses Talking to another baby With the American flag in the background Necklaces are tasty At the restaurant

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I can pull myself up

My parents are always afraid that I could hurt myself by doing something unexpected. For example, they removed the mobile from my bed as soon as I was able to reach and grab the toys hanging from it, so I would not drag the whole thing down. Today they lowered the mattress so I would not climb out of the crib and fall. They thought that – once the mattress was lower – the mobile can go back on the crib for entertainment purposes. To make sure I would not reach the toys, they sat me in the crib and watched me trying my best.

They were partially right: I could not reach the toys as long as I was sitting down. But, as you can see from the pictures below, I really wanted to grab those toys. Once I realized that I would not reach them while sitting, I grabbed the rail and I pulled myself up. Immediately after standing tall, I decided to play with the toys regardless of the fact that I cannot really stand on my own. This was a somewhat bad decision because I fell and hit my head on the wooden rail, then I cried a little (mostly because I got scared). Guess what? The mobile is not on my crib anymore.

Using the right hand to reach the toy Using the left hand to reach the toy Using both hands to reach the toy Enough is enough: I will get up to play with those toys Now they are within reach

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Hanging out with relatives

A few weeks ago (on May 18 to be precise) I traveled all the way to Tehran to meet and spend one month with my grandparents and khaleh Vida. My daddy joined us only yesterday because he did not have that much vacation available.

I can tell daddy is around again because I cannot move one centimeter without the camera flash going off in my face. He takes pictures of everything I do, whether I show off something I learned recently, I play with my toys, I carefully study objects around me, or I simply enjoy people’s company.

Trying to look as mature as possible Who said that a bib must stay around your neck? A ballerina pose Jumping is a sign of excitement This teether requires a widely opened mouth
I can point with both my index fingers at the same time I can feed myself and point at the same time Notice my hairstyle bearing khaleh Vida's signature Grandpa lets me play with his cellphone... ... which makes me really-really happy

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