Brushing my teeth

Daddy learned how to brush my teeth during my first visit to the dentist. Since then, we brush my teeth twice every day, once in the morning and once in the evening before bed. Brushing my teeth began as a struggle, then became more or less a routine. Even though (or maybe especially because) I know what to expect, I still complain from time to time. As the time passed, I kept taking more and more responsibilities. For example, now I am in charge of taking the brush from the cup, getting it wet, and doing the brushing.

This is when I sense a certain level of mistrust: right after I finish, daddy takes over for what he calls finishing touches. Why would he brush my teeth right after I brush? Consequently, I am rarely cooperative in this step. As a result, we end up on the floor in my room, where I lay on my back in his lap and he (eventually) finishes brushing my teeth. This process became less of a strugle after mommy showed me that Elmo enjoys having his teeth brushed. And sometimes I get to brush Elmo’s teeth before daddy brushes mine.

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I blow kisses

You may already know this because I have already revealed it in a previous post; however, the kiss blowing deserves a separate post. I started blowing kisses at the end of the last year, but taking pictures of the process took way longer than expected. You may wonder why it was so difficult to take pictures of a baby blowing kisses. Well, I didn’t use to blow kisses by request; I was taking everybody by surprise and a repeat for the camera was out of the question. Now I am more receptive to kiss blowing requests, as you can see in the pictures below.

This set contains only two pictures of me blowing kisses, the rest of the pictures are just fillers. I am also a little dirty, I hope you don’t mind. I wanted to experience this Indian custom of putting dots on girls’ forehead, so I put some yogurt on mine (I am still working on making perfect food circles). You should definitely check out the last picture, where you can see my three canines (two up, one lower right).

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Party outfit

Today we had a few people over and mommy dressed me up in clothes with little dogs all over (by the way, I recognized the dogs and I said “woof-woof”). There were six other kids: three of the same age as me and three older ones. My younger friends and I had a great time trying to “borrow” toys from eachother (everybody knows that toys sitting around unused are not cool). That kept us busy for a while until we all wanted to go upstairs because we figured out that the older kids were playing there. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get past a gate, so we camped at the bottom of the stairs for the rest of the party.

Looking for the moon With mommy Sitting next to the gate Keeping myself busy Can you see one of my canine teeth?

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Facial expressions

My pajama is getting too small for me, so this might be the last time I wear it. Because it is one of my mommy’s favorite pajamas, I had to go through a last photo session. However, I pretty much stole the show with my facial expressions. You can see my first molar if you look carefully at the first picture.

Are you kidding me? This is jaw-dropping I am cautiously entertained I am just cautious What are you gonna do?

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My six-month birthday

I celebrated my six-month birthday by being a hippie/gangsta intellectual. The intellectual part comes from analyzing (literally) all facets of a book. I was hippie because of my pants: I will probably not wear anything like this when I grow up, but now I can get away with them because I am a baby. And the hoodie gives me that desirable gangsta look, which perfectly complements my appearance. You may notice that my hoodie is almost dry in the first shot, to later become a little wet. That’s because my first tooth is coming out and I salivate quite a bit. I usually have a bib around my neck, but I got rid of it because it doesn’t look good in pictures.

Let's open this book Let's flip through some pages This book is kinda thick You over there - do you want to read with me? This book is kinda heavy
This book is kinda tasty Let's focus on the original mission Look at my first tooth! I can be such a gangsta I have so much saliva I can give to others

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