Squeeze toys

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that I was still figuring out how to play with sqeeze toys. Today I solved part of the mystery. I figured that air bubbles get out when you put the toy under water, then water flows out when you raise the toy up. I even helped mommy to get my hair wet before she putS shampoo on it.

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Taking care of Teddy

Now that I am learning how to do different things, I can use my expertize to take care of my toys. The pictures below show how I take care of my Teddy on four different levels:

  1. Basic care: I make sure that he is well-dressed for the activities I involve him in.
  2. Entertainment: He must enjoy being carried around the house.
  3. Food and drinks: Teddy is not himself if he gets too hungry or too thirsty.
  4. Sentimental: I hug Teddy very often, so he knows that I love him.

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Santa was here

Christmas is really cool: not only you get gifts from friends, you also find more gifts under the tree! I have no idea how mine ended up there, but I am not really interested in details right now. What matters is that I found it and then I checked out some of the shiny ornaments on the tree. It’s not that I don’t care about gifts, but those ornaments were really shiny. Well, eventually I got back on track, I pulled the gift from under the tree, ripped off the package and I discovered a sketchpad. Isn’t this an awesome time to be an artist?

There is something under the Christmas tree Look - shiny ornaments! I am going to check out the red package Soon I will figure out what I got Neato - I have my own pen now

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