Reversible and irreversible processes

I will illustrate these concepts with simple life experiences. Let’s consider for example, flipping through the pages of a book. You flip a page forward, then you flip the page back, now that’s a reversible process.

This book does look a little strange, doesn't it? The page does not push back Is there a preferred direction to flip pages? Who said that books don't taste good? I am so done with this book!

Let’s now consider that you are sitting down, then you decide to bend sideways. Sometimes you can make it back if you don’t bend too much. That’s reversible. However, once you made it beyond the point of no return, that’s an irreversible process. You simply have to accept your new state and make the best out of it.

Now I am going to bend sideways I can bend even more I may be stuck here... I can try using my hand to get up I have a pretty good view from here after all

After going from one state to another through an irreversible process, you may find out that the new state is less comfortable. This is when you complain and/or ask for help – usually the parents can get you back into your original state. However, because the parents act as exterior forces, the process still counts as irreversible.

Where was I sitting? Tummy time is not that bad Ok, now what? Can you drop the camera and help me? You don't want me to start complaining

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