It’s snowing

Last year I was too little to enjoy the snow, but this year I got out of the house as soon as it started snowing. Mommy bundled me up in a thick jacket and put a pair of boots on my feet to make sure that I was warm. There wasn’t a lot of snow on the ground in our back yard. However, walking on the lawn did not come very easy: after I fell a few times, my parents decided to become more supportive instead of letting me walk by myself. I had a few minutes of fun in the snow followed by a warm bath and a nap.

Are you - really - letting me go? I can walk really fast With mommy next to some bushes covered with snow I keep going Ready to go back inside

Here are a few more random pictures from the same day:

Busy carrying clothes around A busy person eats on the go Busy thinking Looking for answers Alo!

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I can walk

By myself. Really. And if you don’t believe me, the pictures below show me in action. You may say that some hands were still providing me some support, but I swear I didn’t use them. My mommy was affraid that I may fall and was over protective. She was totally wrong: I walked almost half of the hallway before I decided to sit down for a little while.

Now it is very easy for me to keep my parents amused by simply walking from one to the other. They sit on the carpet, tell me where to go and cheer me while I walk and when I get to my destination. It is quite pathetic how happy they get for pretty much nothing.

This new degree of freedom will be very usefull in my quest to discover how things work in this world. I don’t need any more help from anybody to roam around. Except when things don’t work exactly as expected. For example, due to lack of training, I fall quite frequently. Some of these falls are inconsequential: I get back up on my feet and keep going. But some of them are pretty nasty and I end up crying. This is when I need somebody to pick me up and console me. But – other than that – nothing can stay in my way.

This is the beginning of the journey Still going strong

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We’ve got mail

I’ve got a skill which proves to be more and more useful for my family: I take different items from one spot [where they usually belong] and place them carefully [throw them randomly] at a different location [usually on the floor]. Today I had the opportunity to practice this special skill. The three of us walked to the mailbox, where I was in charge of taking everything out. It was a piece of cake – as you should have expected based on my previous experience with:

How do you open this thing? Look at the big blue envelope I will show you what's inside Some of the stuff is all the way in the back Hold on to this thing

The pictures below show our family walking to the mailbox. We followed a rather random trajectory (decided by myself) based on momentary impulses and curiosity.

Holding daddy's hand while walking With my parents

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Chasing daddy around the coffee table

The grown-ups take walking for granted and never think how difficult this is for us (babies), who try hard to master this skill. Some of my latest efforts were focused on moving around by holding onto the furniture. If you try hard enough, you eventually become even better than the adults. Below is an example of just how you can beat the adults at their own game. Daddy was running away from me as fast as he could. He was also trying to distract me by making faces so I would laugh and forget that I was actually out to get him. He didn’t stand a chance: after one tour around the coffee table he was so tired that I caught up with him.

Pointing is an important step in every process Daddy makes faces to make me laugh I am going to catch you eventually I am really close Gotcha

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Enjoying the park

I love bark because it helps me develop my fine motor skills. I can play with bark for almost a minute before I try to taste it. Once I got a piece of bark in my mouth, then my parents tortured me for several minutes until I finally opened my mouth and gave it up. I also like crawling on bark – maybe I should request a surface like this at home instead of tile or carpet.

I like playing with bark, ... ... even though I am not allowed to eat it I will try somewhere else I will cover myself with bark I'm on the move again

Another thing I love is walking. I would walk all day long if my parents would provide me with the support I deserve. Unlike in other occasions (when they try to convince me to play with my toys every once in a while), I got a lot of support in the park. I walked on the sidewalk, on bark, and – most interestingly – up and down the curbs.

Walking on the sidewalk Walking on bark I can walk pretty fast It is hard going up this curb This was easier

Before we called it a day, I also checked out the play set they have in the park. Now it would be quite dangerous, but one day I will be old enough to play there. So I must make sure that they installed everything I need to have a good time.

On the bridge On the platform There is a slide behind me Peekaboo Exploration complete

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The sand can freak you out

Before I get to the sand story, I have to mention that we started the day in Griffith Park, where we saw the train and the ponies. We drove all the way up to the observatory, but we could not find parking close enough and walking that long was out of the question. So we settled for the next best thing: on our way back we stopped to take some pictures with some beautiful flowers. Then we drove all the way to Venice Beach to meet our friend Becca.

With the Colonel Griffith (the chu-chu train) I will ride a pony after I grow up Mommy loved those flowers I am pointing at you! With my friend Becca

While we were waiting to get seated for lunch at the Three Square Cafe & Bakery, I had the chance to get very close to a little dog for the first time in my life. I wanted to pet it, but I was reluctant at the same time. The little dog was as friendly and curious as me, but I ended up not touching it at all.

Would it be safe to pet it? Don't get too close! Dear owner, you have a friendly pet Why are your ears pricked up? Now I can relax a bit

Now I can get to the sand story. Imagine that we walked all the way to the Venice Beach, where my parents decided that it would be fun to walk in the sand. I had never put my feet in the sand before, and I swear that my feet felt really weird when they were touching the sand. For a while I didn’t even want to hear about standing up in the sand. Mommy thought that her sun glasses might distract me, but the thought of standing in the sand was still freaking me out. Daddy tried to throw me up in the air a few times before he would land me on sand, but it took him a while to convince me that it was not as bad as I thought.

Please don't put me in the sand The sun glasses don't make the sand more appealing Daddy trying to convince me to stand in the sand Would a little crying help? It feels like I am walking on broken glass

Eventually I got used to the feeling of my feet touching the sand. I started walking very courageously in the sand with Becca, mommy and daddy in supporting roles. I even walked all the way to the water, where the waves scared me a little. My parents were happy with overcoming one phobia (the sand) per day, so they didn’t push it.

Parents with a courageous baby Walking in the sand with Becca Mommy, I want to go to the right I changed my mind: I want to go to the left Daddy, take me to the ocean

Before getting back to the hotel, Becca took us to the Venice Canals, where my parents enjoyed the views while I slept like a baby. Of course I was tired – I didn’t have my regular naps during the day.

Daddy keeps me at a safe distance from the scary waves The three of us and the ocean Parents and flowers The Venice Canals The Venice Canals

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